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Born (October 1965) and raised in St. Petersburg/Florida in a middle class family.
He was "infected" by Michael Jackson at the age of eight, after a friend had taken him to a Jackson 5 concert. He started doing Michael at the age of eight and immediately won trophies in talent shows and dance contests. His first major award he received for performing the song "Dancing Machine", where he danced with no shoes on, just his glitter socks!
In 1978 Earnest and three friends from the neighborhood formed the group "The Jacksons" and did shows all over Florida with great success. Those were the times of afro hair styles and bellbottoms - just like the original brothers - and lots of screaming teenage girls. Earnest was known for being an extremely fast dancer and did an impressive number of eight (!) spins on stage. Earnests family however did not support his ambition: his father thought that impersonation and show-business in general were not an acceptable occupation. His mother would refuse to drive him to his shows, but since nothing could stop him from his dedication he would either walk or hitchhike to get there.
Every day after school he would rehearse in his room till late at night and drove his mother crazy. She hoped that breaking his albums would stop her son, but he would always replace his music - until she took his stereo ... In the beginning Earnest taught himself- he used to stand on his toes barefoot, since he never wore shoes when he practiced - and even made his own costumes, a skill he learned by taking sewing classes in school. So basically he was on his own, with no family support, but with a lot of talent a strong determination to make it happen in show business.
The group split up on 1986, and soon after Earnest was "snatched" away from Florida by talent scouts and moved to New York to start his solo-career.
In 1987, Earnest Valentino was booked directly from New York City into a major amusement park in Europe. During his five-year engagement Mr. Valentino presented an immensely successful show. He functioned as producer, choreographer and main act in his cast of celebrity impersonators - and fascinated more than 2,5 Mio. Visitors, a record-breaking number in this theater!
But that was only the beginning of his career in Europe. Numerous TV appearances, galas, corporate events, advertisement contracts as well as official promotions for Michael Jacksons European tours, and became the official representative of Mr. Jacksons licensee company "Mystery" since 1997.
In 2002 Earnest Valentino performed at the "Killer Thriller-Party" in London/Equinox, a major support event, where Michael Jackson personally attended, watched and highly appreciated Earnest Valentinos 45-minute show, hugging him on stage and stated: "Earnest, you are great!" in front of screaming fans from all over the world.

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"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, the everything that happens in between can be deal with." Michael Joseph Jackson
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The beginning
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